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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. >> this is a breaking news alert. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] jummy: six middle school hospitalized
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after they drank something in school that made them sick. we have the breaking details. brad? brad: the good thing is nobody was seriously injured. friday the 13th. apparently some young people had in mind an event of their own. for them, friday the 13th turned out very unlucky. this parking lot was filled with fire trucks and police and an ambulance. after they drank something in school that made them sick. a group of middle school students here decided that they were going to try a beverage of their own making. the mix was alcohol, cold medicine, and they type of candy. as you can imagine, they were sickened. as many as 15 young people going to the nurse's office. that office overwhelmed, calling 911. fire personnel taking a look at all the young people and mostly they were sick to their stomachs. six of them were transported to the hospital. we are told they are going to be just fine. as
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remain in school. parents are being called, the principal and the staff at francis scott key middle school .ealing with this episode we don't know if they jack in bus.l, before school, on a we are working to find that out. they decided to try something and it turned out to be a very bad idea. it does not appear that their injuries or sick this is are going to be lasting. brad bell, abc 7. jummy: quite a lesson. we switch to the forecast. the rain is back. we are tracking showers moving through the region. some areas are seeing heavy rain. what are we going to get and when does it move out of here? doug: it is in the process of moving through the area right now. a stronger cold front will pay us a visit tom
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will move through the area. right now, we are seeing the heaviest rain east of the city. if you little stragglers back the heinz. backlue ridge were pulled -- will pull back. we have clearing skies developing 80 miles west of the appalachian mountains. that bodes well for us. i think it is going to turn out to be a pleasant mid to late afternoon and early evening. it is going to be beautiful this afternoon. that is going to work out well if you are heading out to see the nats tonight. it is going to be a dry evening. more showers, thunderstorms, and sums on shine for the weekend. part of our saturday outlook coming up for you. jummy: right now,
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following a developing story. authorities in south carolina on the scene of a school shooting. this happened at southside high school in greenville. it happened at the cafeteria around 8:30 this morning. a student was shot, but is conscious and breathing. no word on who pulled the trigger. home,ping closer to police investigating a homicide in prince william county. the victim is only 14 years old. ,ohn gonzalez is in woodbridge where police have arrested a 17-year-old in the crime. police investigating this afternoon and unusual homicide in woodbridge, virginia. the victim was only 14 years old. the suspect only three years older. we just spoke to the lieutenant in charge. around 8:00 last night, the body was discovered. sources telling us the sister of the boy who was killed had just arrived from colle.
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inside the house. when police arrived, they quickly began to collect clues and made an arrest hours later. we understand that according to suspect's family rents the basement of the home. the big him his attacker very well. they did have some friction in the past. the motive for this murder is still unclear. >> the victim was killed by upper blunt force trauma. john: where was he found inside the house? >> in his bedroom. john: he has been identified. the 17-year-old has not been identified this afternoon. he is being held at a juvenile detention center charged with the murder. this is the eighth homicide for prince william county so far this year. virginia are in trying to track down the driver involved in a fatal hit-and-run
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man stumbled into the road and was hit by a car. momentarily and then sped off. testimony resumes in the trial meuro.ard he is one of the officers on trial for freddie gray's murder. the defense said he followed his training. we will have more on this coming up. the white house is now weighing in on bathroom use by transgender students. suzanne kennedy is in the newsroom with who was guiding the issue today. the consequence could be a loss of federal funding. the policy issues clarity. it says that my students -- students must be allowed to
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the bathrooms and locker rooms inconsistent with their -- consistent with their gender identity. they say the schools must allow them and treat them just like other students. jummy: thank you. flags are flying at half staff at city hall to remember mayor james walls. he was found dead at his home on thursday. there are no signs of foul play. he was the youngest mayor elected in the district heights history. vice mayor will act as the mayor until they replace an appointment. -- appoint a replacement. with: we are starting off traffic that is not too bad right now. to be traveling in the d.c
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of gone into place. heads up along the national mall. the 28th annual candlelight vigil is being held. alternate for you. you can use third street tunnel too much of an issue. a lot of green along the capital beltway. that is good. we do have a few areas that are a little bit heavy. at is heading northbound about 13 miles per hour. getting from the capital beltway -- an average of 41 minutes. 270 heading northbound. we have traffic moving well. on ased the headlines well as the wipers. jummy: coming up
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on abc 7 news at noon, phony offers. the new developments in the online auction for a controversial drug that was used gun that was used to kill an unarmed teenager. i was just stuck in the tunnel last week. jummy: the problems metro riders dealt with and what the chair says needs to be done to fix the problems. the country's newest multimillionaires. the new jersey powerball winners and what we already know about them. closer to home, the best time to get outdoors to enjoy your activities this weekend -- doug is back with the
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at noon on your side. jummy: hundreds are expected to line the streets of coronado, california today to honor a navy seal who died fighting isis. charles keating will be transferred across the coronado bridge to san diego to be buried at rosecrans national cemetery. he was killed rescuing a team of u.s. military advisers from more than 100 isis fighters. tonight, a candlelight vigil will be held to mark national police week. it starts at 8:00 on the national mall. street closures are already in effect. streets are closed until 1:00 tomorrow morning.
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this noon, we are following new developments in that auction for the gun that killed trayvon martin. bidding for george zimmerman's weapon appears to have been hijacked by fake accounts posting astronomically high bids. a $56 million bidusing the name face." shootinghe gun in the death of trayvon martin in 2012. as the race for the white house continues, likely gop candidate donald trump's taxes are being called into question. when asked what his tax rate was this morning, he told george it was none of his business. releasehe intends to his returns after an irs at it -- audit was complete.
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delays on the red line this morning as metro's extensive repair plan gets a major revision. sam sweeney is live at the friendship heights metro station with more. sam: another day and another delay for metro. this time it was that the red line. problem.g insulator metro officials were able to get it cleared up in just a few minutes, but it happened during the rush-hour commute and it slowed things up in both directions on the red line. the federal government recently sent a letter to the metro that the red line needs to be replaced immediately. along with portions of the blue, orange, and silver lines, from eastern market to benning road, minnesota avenue. they say that needs to be fixed. metro is responding, saying they are working to take care of the problem. in the meantime, metro riders
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are saying frustration levels are at an all-time high. >> i was just stuck in the tunnel last week. >> this is an ongoing mess every day to commute to work or anywhere else. metro has reiterated that they are cooperating with the fta. we are up with a plan to make the changes and for the revised program to be released in a couple of days. in the meantime, it is simply a waiting game. that's the latest from northwest washington. i'm sam sweeney. jummy: ramada board chairman jack evans talked about safety troubles on news channel 8, our sister station. >> i don't know what people were doing for 15 years. that is an outrage. today, you have a 11 out of 16 board members, a new general manager, a new chair. there is a whole different
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approach to fixing metro. says the agency is finally getting back on the right track. right now, we switch to the forecast. the weekend is coming up. we have so much going on, doug. doug: lots of activities. the weather is not going to be perfect, but it is going to be better. tomorrow, periods of rain are possible, another cold front, a little sunshine squeezed in. it isattern that we have, not likely anytime soon where we get 15 straight days of rain again. we will put that in the rearview mirror. this is a live look at the skies right now in hagerstown. still plenty of cloudiness here. the clearing is west of the appalachians, west of the allegheny mountains. that is going to take some time, but we will get breaks of the overcast across the viewing area this afternoon. warmer temperatures -- it is going to turn out to be a delightful mid to late afternoon. 67 in hagerstown.
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65 at reagan national. the wind continues to pick up in speed out of the west northwest. willtronger whens eventually get rid of the cloud cover. that is what we have needed for these two weeks solid. we have had persistent low clouds because of east northeast winds. we are now getting some gusty or speeds that will drive things out for us. this is the rain. no thunderstorms reported. they continue to move northeast ahead of the front. skies will brighten. look how clear it is behind the cold front. we do have some cloudiness. through over the next 3-4 hours and we are going to be good to go later this afternoon. the forecast is for the showers to come to an end. highs of 78 degrees. got a soccer game tonight.
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york red bulls. it is going to be "star wars" night. 75 degrees. good.uld be the next seven days. we have rain chances here and there. let's talk about the most likely scenario. showers and thunderstorms developing in the afternoon. we should get some sunshine in the morning and midday. 70% probability. 74 degrees. into sunday, it is going to be bright and sunny. some areas in the mountains, frederick county, areas toward martinsburg -- cool weather. wednesday, ity, looks like the possibility of scattered showers. we might get a little bit of sun. mild temperatures, but a daily low-end chance of showers through thursday. jummy: not too bad.
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you could buy a lot of pools with this. you see all the media out there. later on today, we will find out the winners of the largest single jackpot winning ticket ever sold in new jersey. the winners will be introduced during the 3:00 news conference. eight people will be sharing the more than $429 million jackpot. they chose to take the lump sum. they will be splitting $284 million. that is $35.5 million per person. doug: not bad. jummy: i don't think that was a group from abc 7. maybe next time. the search for a new cohost is on. the look at michael strahan's last day on "live." ♪ stand by me vo: for dominion, part of delivering affordable energy includes supporting those in our community who need help.
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assisting with bill pay and providing free, energy-saving upgrades. it's more than helping customers, it's helping neighbors. ♪ stand by me
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today was michael strahan's last day cohosting "live." kelly ripa told "people magazine" said that the early departure was necessary to find a new cohost. fred savage, seal, and andy: are scheduled to guest host in the coming weeks. the tsa is facing tough questions about the service problems creating long security lines at the airport. the white house is blaming congress for the long lines for not funding additional security officers. with the busy summer travel season ahead, there are 4%-8% more flyers. there are not enough tsa officers to keep up with the influx.
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7 is on your side bringing you stories about people who have been wronged. hand-picked general this story -- this case. --s woman hired a story moving company online. the price jumped to more than a thousand dollars in person. she said she walked helplessly -- watched helplessly as they drove off with everything she owned including her hearing aids and shoes that help her walk. >> we could not possibly fire -- file suits on behalf of everyone who had been wronged, but this one set my hair on fire. jummy: the attorney general was so mad that he told investigators about it and she found even more people who had similar experiences with this maryland company.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11. clear skies on the way. how long you will have to enjoy the sky.
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jummy: one month and counting smithsonian's
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of african american history. plane -- a 1944 bi-plane that was used by the tuskegee airmen is in the museum. >> this is an incredible object. it told a story and it tells a story about the present. it embodies the very mission of the museum. this history, african-american history and culture, can touch all of us, no matter who we are. jummy: so cool. it opens to the public september 24. doug: priceless artifacts. jummy: absolutely. is this week and good weekend for museums? doug: we have good weather for a change for the nats tonight. it should be just fine, partly sunny and breezy weather. showers and thunderstorms possible tomorrow afternoon. jummy:
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>> hey, everybody, stay right where you are, because in the next half hour, we just may be minting a brand-new member of america's 1%. it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good, because we're in the middle of a good game right now. our returning contestant is a 24-year-old history buff who's hoping the hours he spent studying the revolutionary war will pay off today. from la mesa, california, please welcome back kevin carll. [cheers and applause] hey, kev. what's up, buddy? welcome back. come on in. >> thanks for having me. >> you barely look old enough to shave, but apparently you know and love the revolutionary war. how do you go abou


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